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is that your stomach grumbling? May 6, 2008

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Around 1:30 today, there was a loud sound accompanied by a slight shaking of my building. I told one of my coworkers that I thought it was an earthquake. He said we didn’t get earthquakes here, so I proposed an different theory-that is was a terrorist attack. (You’d be surprised how those seemingly absurd thoughts seem rational when you live in the nation’s capital.) For all of 30 seconds I was a little bit scared. I went immediately to cnn.com, but it had nothing that shed any light on the strange occurrence. 3 hours later, I found out that it was indeed an earthquake! I’ve always wanted to feel the ground shake and have no one get hurt or any of my things ruined. And it happened so early on in my life. I think this is an omen for a bright future full of achieving my dreams. Earthquake- check. Wimbledon- here I come.


i believe in the kingdom come. March 13, 2008

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I just received an email from a friend telling me that the second person arrested in Eve Carson’s murder went to Jordan High School until 2007. Jordan is the high school I was a volunteer Young Life leader throughout college.

The moment I saw those words, I froze. Pictures of the school, the students, my friends spun around in my head. I didn’t know the guy. I probably never even crossed his path. But, if only he had been reached.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast on the kingdom of God, and how it is our responsibility to bring restoration to the areas we are called to. I thought for a moment, maybe I shouldn’t be in full time ministry. Maybe I should try and bring restoration in another way. But, high schools need restoration. We need a kingdom vision for those places. We need warriors who will fight to bring God’s Truth into the halls of high schools, where students like Lawrence Alvin Lovett Jr. will be reached.

Last night, I was looking at pictures of the other guy arrested and my heart just broke for him. I have been praying these men will be brought to justice on earth, but be shown mercy from our Father, by calling them both to be His children. I pray that they will find the Lord. I pray for restoration of Durham. I pray for restoration of much of the African American community, that is so plagued by lack of male leadership in the home, broken family units, and the permeation of gangs. I pray that these two men will be saved and that through them, the Lord will bring restoration to the jail system, their families, the community and the nation. The Lord WILL bring restoration. We must work for it. But we are privileged to be a part of it.

We must go where the kingdom is weak and make it strong. And we need to be optimistic because our God is on His throne. Let us join together in the challenge to change, reform, redeem, restore and renew all for the glory of the Lord.