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is that your stomach grumbling? May 6, 2008

Filed under: on earth — erinleete @ 8:25 pm

Around 1:30 today, there was a loud sound accompanied by a slight shaking of my building. I told one of my coworkers that I thought it was an earthquake. He said we didn’t get earthquakes here, so I proposed an different theory-that is was a terrorist attack. (You’d be surprised how those seemingly absurd thoughts seem rational when you live in the nation’s capital.) For all of 30 seconds I was a little bit scared. I went immediately to cnn.com, but it had nothing that shed any light on the strange occurrence. 3 hours later, I found out that it was indeed an earthquake! I’ve always wanted to feel the ground shake and have no one get hurt or any of my things ruined. And it happened so early on in my life. I think this is an omen for a bright future full of achieving my dreams. Earthquake- check. Wimbledon- here I come.