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mornings. March 26, 2008

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Recently, I told a friend how I love sitting in bed on Saturday mornings, thinking and reading. It is a wonderfully relaxing way to start my Saturday. But last night, I started thinking it might be more than a Saturday treat. Before I went to bed I was reading the results of a strengths-finder test I took. Under the “ideas for action” it told me to think about my best day ever and figure out a way to repeat that as much as possible. (It was quite enlightening, but I will save that for another post.) So I thought to myself, “Self, you should wake up early tomorrow and just sit in your bed. Even though it is Wednesday.” I did it. And it felt great. I had more joy walking to my car this morning than I’ve had in a long time. I think I’ll do it tomorrow too. No need to save it for Saturday. I want my best day to be everyday!


i believe in the kingdom come. March 13, 2008

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I just received an email from a friend telling me that the second person arrested in Eve Carson’s murder went to Jordan High School until 2007. Jordan is the high school I was a volunteer Young Life leader throughout college.

The moment I saw those words, I froze. Pictures of the school, the students, my friends spun around in my head. I didn’t know the guy. I probably never even crossed his path. But, if only he had been reached.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast on the kingdom of God, and how it is our responsibility to bring restoration to the areas we are called to. I thought for a moment, maybe I shouldn’t be in full time ministry. Maybe I should try and bring restoration in another way. But, high schools need restoration. We need a kingdom vision for those places. We need warriors who will fight to bring God’s Truth into the halls of high schools, where students like Lawrence Alvin Lovett Jr. will be reached.

Last night, I was looking at pictures of the other guy arrested and my heart just broke for him. I have been praying these men will be brought to justice on earth, but be shown mercy from our Father, by calling them both to be His children. I pray that they will find the Lord. I pray for restoration of Durham. I pray for restoration of much of the African American community, that is so plagued by lack of male leadership in the home, broken family units, and the permeation of gangs. I pray that these two men will be saved and that through them, the Lord will bring restoration to the jail system, their families, the community and the nation. The Lord WILL bring restoration. We must work for it. But we are privileged to be a part of it.

We must go where the kingdom is weak and make it strong. And we need to be optimistic because our God is on His throne. Let us join together in the challenge to change, reform, redeem, restore and renew all for the glory of the Lord.


the benefits of blogging. March 12, 2008

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If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about blogging. Or visit www.wordpress.com to start your own blog. And be sure to read more on how blogging can benefit your mental health.


stand by your man?

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Since I started this blog a few weeks ago, I have contemplated the type of content I wanted it to contain. I thought that I would try to avoid politics, but a recent event has really caught my eye.

During the fall semester of my senior year in college, I wrote an analysis of the New York gubernatorial race. The winner of that race, is the newest politician to be added to the sex scandal list: Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer has been linked to a prostitution ring and is now considering stepping down from office. But what interests me most is his wife, who stood beside him as he apologized, very rigidly and seemingly without much authenticity or sincerity. We have seen other women in politics do that too including former New Jersey First Lady, Dina Matos McGreevey, and former First Lady turned presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

McGreevey publicly sympathized with Spitzer’s wife on Larry King. Both of these women chose to stand behind their husbands who didn’t chose to stand behind them or the commitment that they made. What could have compelled these women to respond as if they supported their husbands, when the pain is probably overwhelming? Duty? Because they are in the public eye? Was it an effort to minimize the transgressions and perhaps save her husband’s job? Part of me thinks that such a show of support sends the message that extramarital affairs don’t destroy marriages. Obviously, I cannot empathize with Mrs. Spitzer, nor do I know how I would respond in the same situation. I just wonder if she had a choice in the matter and what she really intended to say when she stood by her husband as he announced to the world that he was unfaithful to her.

I wonder what message would have been sent if she hadn’t stood beside him.



old friends. March 6, 2008

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Not old people that are also your friends. But friends that have been your friends for a while.

I think everyone would agree that old friends are great. One of my first friends from college is coming for a visit this weekend. So, I am dedicating this post to her and to all my other old friends out there.

Old friends become a part of who you are. You talk like old friends. Make faces like old friends. Have the same memories as old friends. Make noises like old friends. Borrow clothes from old friends. You don’t have to tell about your other friends to old friends because they already know them. You don’t have to worry about your old friends getting their feelings hurt when you tease them because they know you tease them because you like them. You pick up right where you left off with old friends. Old friends call you when they see an elderly white couple driving a car with spinning rims. Old friends call you just to say hi. Old friends remember weird things that you have said in the past and laugh at you about it for the rest of your life. Old friends don’t let you win in blokus. Your old friends don’t have to let you win in blokus because you always kill them in it anyway. Old friends say dumb things, but you still like them. Old friends get bridesmaid dresses that will flatter all body types. Old friends care about your future. Old friends will always be your friend, no matter where they go.

If you don’t have an old friend, make a new one and then keep being their friend for a while. They will then turn into an old friend. (That sounds a lot like something my old friend that is coming this weekend would say. And if you don’t believe me, read her blog and see if it sounds like the stuff she writes… especially read the post about the clouds hogging the water.)

*of course new friends do many of these things too, but this was for old friends.