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Life’s Little Sparklers. February 28, 2008

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About a year ago, one of my friends told me to make a list of 30 things that bring me joy. It is quite a rapture, letting your mind drift to things that send sparks to your soul. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that weigh us down that we forget that there are things that captivate our hearts. So, I’ve reproduced my list and added to it.

My List:

  1. Making eye contact and smiling at strangers
  2. Cotton Candy
  3. Memories of playing with my dad when I was a child
  4. The beach at 4 pm
  5. The patterns that clouds make in the sky
  6. Fresh cut flowers
  7. Pictures from my sister’s wedding
  8. My mother’s creativity. Her mind. Her eye for color and creation.
  9. Good conversation about life
  10. The Bible
  11. Family Traditions
  12. The sweeping story of Redemption
  13. People who have a heart for the world
  14. That Grandma Hazel lives to celebrate the lives of others
  15. Rocking chairs and front porch swings
  16. Sweating by the pool in the summer
  17. That I have a sister
  18. Paint colors
  19. Finishing a book
  20. The colors of the sky in the morning
  21. That my reputation is secure in Heaven
  22. Having friends at the post office
  23. My grandma Campbell’s spirit
  24. Speaking Spanish with Hispanic immigrants
  25. Baking
  26. Community
  27. That my sister, my mom and I all cry when we get gifts that we love at Christmas
  28. Letters from my friends at Jordan
  29. Being so overwhelmed with joy that my heart feels like it will explode
  30. When my friends marry men that they love and admire
  31. Colorful aprons
  32. White hair on old ladies (probably because of my Grandmother Leete)
  33. Tulips
  34. Romance
  35. Encouragement
  36. Raccoons
  37. Women who have opened their homes and their lives to me: Nancy Ruiz, Deb Perry, Cynthia Hutchinson, Kristy Hatch (and Scott, too).
  38. Movies, songs and novels that speak truth
  39. Being childlike
  40. Finding the Gospel everywhere
  41. Sailboats
  42. Listening to people talk about things that they love
  43. My sister’s high pitched voice and that her husband teases her about it
  44. Glass pitchers
  45. Being surprised
  46. That we can be agents of redemption to the fallen world
  47. Singing songs at the top of my lungs
  48. Spring days
  49. Tire swings, swings that you pump with your hands, swings that hang from trees by thick rope
  50. Barbeque
  51. Cake stands
  52. Vision casting
  53. Pointing out things I love about people
  54. Hallmark cards and commercials
  55. Songs about men loving their wives
  56. A man cherishing a woman
  57. That my sister calls Julianna, her “kid” and that it irritates my mom
  58. Purity in heart
  59. Sunroofs
  60. Graham’s compassion
  61. Encouraging people to pursue their passions
  62. Innocence
  63. Sending cards in the mail
  64. When you can see rays of sunshine
  65. An open door, open pantry policy (one which I hope to instate in my own home one day)
  66. Rollercoasters
  67. Driving just because
  68. Driving and holding hands
  69. Going to Carowinds with my cousins
  70. Letting the kids I am with act crazy in public and smiling when people make dirty faces at me
  71. Being crazy in public
  72. Reminding myself of all the times that I acted crazy in public and trying not to let that side of me go
  73. My niece Julianna’s gentle and quiet spirit
  74. Seasons
  75. Fun dishes and glasses
  76. Cookouts
  77. When my mom gets really excited about a classic rock song
  78. That my mom knows more about classic rock than you do
  79. That my mom rocks
  80. My dad’s youthfulness. That he doesn’t act older than he looks and he looks 24.
  81. Grandparents
  82. My sister’s laughter
  83. BBBS (reading the Bible with high school girls at 6 am)
  84. Family Vacation
  85. Catie Blair’s wisdom. That she is turning into that older, wiser woman.
  86. Handwritten letters
  87. Skipping
  88. Hospitality
  89. Sparklers
  90. Old friends
  91. Carafes
  92. The way Graham views people and situations, the insight he has into their hearts and lives and the grace he shows them.
  93. Exercising
  94. Laughing until I pee just a little bit
  95. Reunions
  96. Memories of my great-grandparents flirting
  97. The suspense that comes with plane trips
  98. That Graham is waiting for me on the other end of those trips
  99. Charlotte in the Spring and the Fall
  100. That my sister is pregnant
  101. Fireworks
  102. The mountains of North Carolina
  103. Hosting parties
  104. Mom and Pop restaurants
  105. Watching people fall in love with the Lord
  106. Falling in love with the Lord
  107. Grace
  108. Forgiveness
  109. Guy friends that are honest about hard things
  110. Learning how to love better
  111. Weddings
  112. Seeing myself change and look more like Jesus
  113. Seeing others change and look more like Jesus
  114. Patience
  115. Pictures that capture moments you never want to forget
  116. Sitting on my dad’s lap when I am sad
  117. Sarah B’s soft side
  118. Riding my bike to the grocery store
  119. Charleston, South Carolina
  120. My cousins
  121. That I went to school with some people for 16 years
  122. The ideas I have for my future home and garden
  123. My mom’s desire to understand me
  124. Conversation about real struggles and issues that people face and then finding hope
  125. Transformation and redemption


Wow! What a life the Lord has blessed me with. Lists like these really illuminate our craving for beauty and meaning. I would guess that no matter who you asked, everyone would come up with a few things that point to their desire for truth. What a great way to share the Gospel.

What things make your list?


3 Responses to “Life’s Little Sparklers.”

  1. Sis Says:

    You are an amazing woman!!! I envy your passion for life. I love your list. One of the things that I consider one of life’s little sparklers is your ability to see the sparkle in everything. YOU SPARKLE!!!
    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Lolly Says:

    I love that you thought through it enough to remember that you love glass pitchers. You totally do. I am so glad that you are taking the time to think through who you are and what you’re made up of. It’s pretty great. Much love (and a little bit of sadness, because it’s too long until I’ll see you:).

  3. Lolly Says:

    126. walking around in your bathrobe pretending to be Laura Osney and singing Jesus Christ Superstar while watching it on tv.

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